“Jaime Fernandes: vi uma cadela minha com lobos”

9 October 2021 – 17 April 2022

Curator: Andreia Magalhães

Centro de Arte Oliva


Jaime: “vi uma cadela minha com lobos” is an exhibition dedicated to the work of Jaime Fernandes (1899-1969) that brings together more than 40 drawings from various public and private collections in Portugal, France, Switzerland and Austria.

One of the most renowned names of Portuguese art brut, Jaime Fernandes was recognized internationally, although his drawings are little known – the artist only began drawing at the age of 66, four years before his untimely death. This exhibition aims to bring to light this ‘hidden’ work.

The artist’s turbulent life was marked by a diagnosis of schizophrenia, which led him to spend nearly three decades interned in the Hospital Miguel Bombarda, where he died just a few years after having started to produce his works there, as confirmed by medical reports and the correspondence he exchanged with his wife during this period – an excerpt of one of his letters gave rise to the title of the exhibition.

The Treger Saint Silvestre Collection joins this project with the loan of two drawings; these drawings were part of several exhibitions in the past years.

Jaime: “vi uma cadela minha com lobos” is curated by Andreia Magalhães, director of the Centro de Arte Oliva, in São João da Madeira, Portugal.