“Miroslav Tichý – Quatro fotografias e um desenho”


“Miroslav Tichý – Quatro fotografias e um desenho”, works by Miroslav Tichý from our collection⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ on display at VERÃO, the new art space run by the curator Antonia Gaeta in Lisbon.

Miroslav Tichý started his career as a painter marked with influences from Picasso, Matisse and German expressionists. The communist take-over in 1948 led him to go back to his hometown, Kyjov. He abandoned painting and, in the middle of the 50’s, took up photography, which he reinvented by building his own cameras with found materials: cardboard tubes, tin cans, optical glass polished with toothpaste and cigarette ashes… For thirty years, in isolation, he took dozens of pictures daily, either over or under exposed, with women of Kyjov as his principal and obsessional subject. He developed his photos however possible, retouching them with a pencil. His voluntarily marginal behavior brought him problems with the authorities. He was interned at psychiatric wards multiple times and ended up being evicted from his workshop in 1972.⁣
⁣His work, discovered at the end of the 90’s, was quickly recognized. In particular, it was exhibited at the Kunsthaus of Zurich (2005), and the Centre Pompidou in Paris dedicated a retrospective to him in 2008.


Photography: Joana Hintze